JusTap - February Deal

A Huge Commission + Reward Week for you!

First-to-Market NFC Tech App For Local Businesses |
Agencies | Freelancers | Individuals| Business Owners

NFC Tech Agency App Creates Contactless Digital Business Cards, generates leads, collects payments, gets followers, collects reviews,
and so much more with JUST A TAP

Set up the FIRST NFC tech Agency &
help Businesses grow in never seen before ways!

Important Dates

Starts :
21st Feb, 10 AM EST

Closes on:
28th Feb 11:59 PM EST

Make 25 Bundle Sales

Between 21st Feb - 10 AM EST & 28th Feb - 11:59 PM EST

Win Meta Quest 2

Meta Quest 2

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Make 50 Front End Sales

Between 21st Feb - 10 AM EST & 28th Feb - 11:59 PM EST

Win Garmin Venu 2 Plus

Garmin Venu 2 Plus

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Jv Contest Guidelines

To Win you must achieve the said number of sales within the duration of the contest. Bundle & Front End sales will not be combined for Contest.
Both are separate contests and if you achieve the goal you will win the prize.

Here is why we are bringing back JusTap...

  • NFC Technology is Brand New and JusTap has almost been an instant hit. We have paid $90K+ in Commissions already.
  • The conversion Stats is Amazing..

Conversions have been steady and we have been able to maintain it at 18%+ even post launch and almost $20 EPC and a stellar Average Price.

  • Our customers are Happy and we have successfully completed 3 Live Trainings, added many feature requests from our customers and doing everything in our capacity to keep them happy and make them successful using JusTap
  • There were a lot of JVs who couldn’t participate during our launch last month and we just wanted to give them an opportunity to promote along with an incentive. If you are one of them, then it is time to take home awesome commissions along with some exciting prizes.
  • For those of you who have already promoted JusTap, you know it converts and this is your chance to cash in big and win our prizes. What are you waiting for?

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Network the Smarter Way with our
first-to-market NFC technology enabled Digital Business Cards & More..

Imagine meeting your client or your customer at an event or even at your own showroom..

  • You communicate & share information about your product / service
  • They seem to be very interested and excited about your offering
  • You give your Business card hoping to receive a call or email anytime soon
  • The potential customer puts it in their bag/wallet/some random book/ never to find it again or probably they missed it right where they met you..
  • Let’s assume he/she was really interested in reaching out to you but since they do not have your contact information, they end up googling their need and go with the first company that pops.
  • Even if they did find your card somehow, they will have to look in and type it on their phone which is an extra effort in this fast world that we live in..

Here is a fun fact..

88% of Physical Business Cards that are being passed on are thrown away within the next 7 days!

This is exactly what is happening with Millions of people. Can’t blame your prospects as how many Business cards can fit in their wallet?

Don’t you think you need a smarter way to tackle this and never miss a potential customer ever again?

We were on a mission to solve this..

Here is what we thought should happen when you met your customer..

  • Make them your lead
  • Make them add you to their contacts
  • Make them follow you on your social profiles
  • Make them instantly go through your products & services
  • Make them download your Mobile App
  • Make them send you an SMS, Whatsapp, Email or Skype
  • And so much more..

Guess What?

You need the ability to stand out, be top-of-mind, and be the obvious expert to your prospects, and we’ve made this possible.

We made it possible with NFC technology and you could do all of these and more with our latest, much needed creation JusTap!

With Just a Tap, you can be a saved contact on your potential customer’s phone, you could make them opt in to your list, you could showcase your products and lead them to buying, make them download your app and so much more..

You never have to worry or endlessly wait for your potential customer to call back or mail you with JusTap!

Let’s Understand NFC

The Near Field Communication

It’s nothing but short range communication of up to 4 Cms for exchange of data.

We are not new to this but for the application to Digital Business Cards..

In fact, you may already be using this technology in your everyday life..

You may be having Credit and Debit Cards with NFC chips that enable you to make contactless Payments!

NFC unlike Bluetooth eliminates the need to pair to establish a connection. In the case of a QR Code, one needs to open an App, scan the code to move further. NFC eliminates that too.

All you need to do is just tap the NFC tag on a device (Android Mobile or Iphone) or bring it closer up to 4 Cms and you will be able to instantly exchange data..

It has a wide range of Applications from contactless payments, a key or access to offices, apartments & even vehicles, NFC tag Digital Business Cards and so much more..

What difference will
NFC tech enabled JusTap Make?

  • Never worry about losing a client you meet at an event or a customer walking into your store/showroom/office/place of business.
  • Get your contact information saved on your prospect’s phone instantly anywhere at any time.
  • Show them any information that you want to showcase with just a Tap
  • Do not worry about touching or exchanging anything. With just a Tap you can achieve anything from generating a lead to processing payments.
  • Create a great brand image in front of your audience by adapting to technology
  • 100 Bn Business Cards are printed every year globally. By going digital and having an NFC digital card, you will save tonnes & tonnes of paper that will be produced by cutting down 10s of 1000s of Trees. You will preserve the environment and your brand can become eco-friendly.
  • Unlike Regular Business Cards you can share these unlimited times and you can control each time what gets triggered when the Tap happens and effortlessly update any info that you need which is not possible with physical Business cards.

How can you put JusTap to use?

  • Use JustTap to create Digital Business Cards and instantly get saved as a contact on your prospects device.
  • Use JusTap to capture leads instantly
  • Instantly showcase any video, webpage with Just a Tap
  • You can open a particular location on Google Maps and guide customers to your store or office
  • You can use JusTap to trigger an Whatsapp ordering system in a Restaurant or show the menu
  • You can also make your store visitors download your app with just a Tap
  • You can showcase your products & services with just a Tap and even collect payments by integrating your payment
  • You can initiate a phone call with just a Tap
  • You can use NFC Stickers in Retail Stores to reveal offers, coupons, product demo and more. It can be updated, removed anytime easily.
  • Get people to follow you on a particular social networking site
  • If needed you can also create QR codes for any action you want to perform.
  • There is more than a single way to put this to use..

NFC Technology

will be a household name soon..

The Digital Business Card Market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12% and it is expected to be a $242.3 Mn market by 2027.

That’s just the Digital Business Card Market..

The NFC technology Market is even Bigger because the application is not just limited to Digital Business cards..

NFC technology Market is all set to hit $34.9 Bn in 2025 and is already a $23 Bn market currently..

With all the applications for brands, local businesses and online businesses, this is about to blow up and JusTap will help you cash in huge from this technology..

Be it creating a Business card or setting up a Restaurant Menu..

You can do it within minutes using JusTap with 100s of pre-made templates that can be customized in minutes by putting in your business information.

Here is why your customers are going to

fall in love with JusTap

First-to-Market Technology

New way to establish long standing connections

New & efficient way to generate leads

Easily showcase products & services

Easily get more download on your Apps

Easily get people to follow you on multiple social networks

Educates customers about products in a better way

Increases your Brand Image

Gains Trust

Give a competitive edge

Increases sales

Contactless & Wireless information sharing

No apps to download for it to work for the users who will tap using their device

Demo Video

Who can use JustTap??

Business Owners





Real Estate Agents

Coaching classes

Gym Owners

Yoga Studios

Day care Centers


Clothing Stores

Jewellery Shops



Pubs & Bars


Pet care Services

Grocery Stores


And the list goes on..

We are going to make it huge for your customers by giving them the Agency opportunity to open the first ever NFC Technology Agency to help individuals & businesses with Business Cards and so many other services using NFC technology & help them generate more leads & sales.

The best part is..

No coding skills needed

No design skills needed

No need to have prior knowledge about NFC technology

JusTap is perfectly suitable even for Newbies!

Let me put things into perspective..

NFC technology has started gaining momentum and its application in various fields and businesses is increasing every single day. Businesses are going to need NFC technology in their everyday operations and marketing.

This is the perfect time to jump in and provide a service that no one else is providing..

Digital Business card Market is set to hit $242.3 Mn by 2027

NFC technology market is set to hit $34.9 Bn by 2025

88% of physical Business cards that are shared are thrown away in less than 7 days

Global Contactless Payments market is set to quadruple in value by 2026

There are 2 Bn+ NFC enabled Smartphones in use which is almost 25% of the World’s population

77% of individuals & 63% of small business owners have not yet used a digital business card app

Taking advantage of NFC technology to create & sell contactless Digital Business Cards & to set it up for a variety of Applications in Local Businesses is the best thing to do NOW!

There cannot be a better time to do this…

NFC will soon be a household name and your customers can make huge profits using NFC Tags with the help of JusTap!

JusTap - Full Funnel Details

50% Commissions Across the funnel

Front End

JusTap Commercial ($37)

With the front end commercial version, users will be able to create Digital Business Cards, Workspace to manage client work, Cname map, Collect payments and generate leads.They can fully customize the business card with profile photo, banner, logo, description, phone number, email ID, contact details, website, social media profile, whatsapp, one tap call, google map location, image gallery, video gallery, Appointment booking, customer feedback, customer rating and ability to write NFC tag as URL & VCF(contact card) using free apps. One can also capture leads, send out email notifications on sign up to Business cards, and share it an unlimited number of times.

It also allows creation of QR Code for Business Cards. Ability to redirect QR Code to any URL after scanning, Ability to Send SMS, phone, whatsapp, Google Map, show coupon,The front end is also packed with Business card Templates & Local Business Templates that can be readily customized and used.

The NFC card can be published as a URL, VCF or even used to open a google map location, initiate a call to a given number, Send SMS, Send a Whatsapp Message, Send a message on Telegram , Send a message on Skype, on discord, display a coupon, initiate app download from App Store or Play store.

In the front end itself, we have integrated the Agency Technology and ability to create Agency accounts. One can also create a business card and send a link to the client to input contact info.

The best part is the Card can be updated unlimited times based on one’s need. The publish options can be changed anytime.

Apart from this there is ability to track sales of products & services, add retargeting codes, Cname mapping to own domain, Autoresponder integration, SMTP integrations and Analytics.

Upsell #1

JusTap Pro

The pro unlocks very important features including ability to remove JusTap branding from the Business card or any campaign that is being created. It also unlocks unlimited workspaces, unlimited Business Cards, additional templates, unlimited image gallery, unlimited video gallery, Ability to add Custom QR Code for Business Cards. Ability to control client accounts and restrict access. Physical card design customization is also included in this upgrade to have a beautiful looking NFC card. You can also manage feedback and ratings given by customers in this upgrade. There is also an option to export leads as a CSV file in this upgrade. In short the Pro version removes branding, unlocks important features & additional templates.

Upsell #2

JusTap Agency

This upgrade gives the ability to manage unlimited clients, add custom branding on the client's dashboard. It also gives the complete Agency Marketing package including Agency website, DFY Sales video to offer Business Cards and NFC tags as a service to local & online Businesses. The package also includes DFY social media Ads, email follow up swipes, DFY Fiverr Gigs for NFC tag services, DFY Phone scripts. This upgrade unlocks unlimited potential to run a NFC Agency providing Business Card or any other solution to Local & Online Businesses using NFC tags.

Upsell #3

JusTap Done-For-You Package

This upgrade gives you everything fully Done-For-You. It will unlock 100 Business Card Templates, 100 Local Niche Templates, ability to request custom Templates and a club membership to unlock 10 Fresh Templates every month for the next 12 months.

Upsell #4

JusTap Whitelabel

This unlocks the whitelabel dashboard & ability to sell JusTap accounts for 100% profits with own branding with a separate admin portal to create user accounts. It also includes all sales materials needed to sell JusTap as your own.

Upsell #5

JusTap Instawrapper Special

Cutting Edge Video Tech that converts any Video into a Conversion Machine by applying a simple fix known only to Top Marketers & influencers and can get you up to 500% more sales.

Helps to create Left, Right, Top, Bottom Video Wrappers along with Automated Captions making your videos stand out in the crowd.

End this year on a high note by promoting JusTap.

We are just around waiting to help you with anything from swipes, review copy to private webinar. Do not hesitate to get in touch.

See you on the leaderboard.

Karthik Ramani


Matt Ford